About us


We are proud to be artists. Striving every moment of the artistic journey to reach one single goal with one single voice we are together to make the creative fraternity a desire to cherish. In spite of possessing able & young technical expertise, cost effective work hours and Numero Uno in producing films, we still haven’t covered 2% of the Global Media & Entertainment Industry.

"Today we together shall pledge to blend into one culture and take an oath to reach every nook and corner of the globe with our unmatched passion and creative preamble”.

We cordially invite everyone to come forward to formulate AVCGI-AP (Animation, Visual Effects, Comic & Gaming Industry of Andhra Pradesh) which would be a nonprofit association formulated for the artists, by the artists, of the artists. Its aim is to rope in the entire Animation, Visual Effects, Comic and Gaming industry under one roof. 



  1. The society aims to act as an interface between the Animation, Visual Effects, Comics & Gaming Industry (AVCGI) in Andhra Pradesh.

  2. The society seeks to take the industry into confidence and coordinate with the State/Central Governments for framing policies critical to addressing the industry needs from time to time.
    (Like: Tax exemptions, Incubations centers, R&D Funds, IP Creations and so on…..)

  3. The society will strive to guide & address the needs of production & training houses for the global outreach of the industry.

  4. The society seeks to conduct inspection of training institutes at regular, pre-defined intervals to ensure minimum standards of infrastructure/training as per industry demands.

  5. The society seeks to facilitate seminars, workshops and “train-the-trainer” programs by industry veterans (for students & professionals) to stay up to date with evolving industry trends/standards.

  6. The society’s governing body (can be a University) seeks to conduct phase-wise, common screening tests for students at regular intervals as per industry standards.

  7. The society aims to support all the individual fields at the time of crisis and shall solve discrepancies to safeguard & protect their values. (Getting the VFX industry to be recognized as one among the 24 Crafts)

The proposal for initiating this Society by all the industrial people is for the betterment of the creative fraternity in Andhra Pradesh. This shall represent the collective voice of the industry, we wish you to be a part of the Movement.