IAD 28th October 2015 to 30th October 2015 - Campus Cultural Day Celebrations back download

It gives us immense pleasure to invite you to be part of ASIFA India International Animation Day celebrations from 28th October 2015 to 30th October 2015. With all your support we have successfully completed 15 years of existence in India and 55 years Internationally.


The major attractions of this year IAD is to bring an art festive mood among all the studios & academies in celebrating in a gala mode in the form of campus decorations, fun-filled activities etc. We have created an online platform where you can share your celebrations and compete with the fellow artists, studios and academies among their groups state-wide as well as nationwide in the given verticals. On this occasion, most of the enthusiastic talents will unleash their creativity during the talent hunt programs.


In this regard, we take the opportunity to humbly invite each one of you individually and as an organization to get register your names online.


Hence, dear participants, we once again invite you to be a part of this celebration in the forthcoming ASIFA INDIA IAD 2015. Please visit www.asifaindia.com or reach us on +914030911171

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